Artistic Passion in the Lives of Ausencia and Concepcion Abasolo


Both Abasolo sisters were born in the city of Puebla de los Angeles in the early 20th Century. Concepcion was two years older than Ausencia.

Their parents, Don Justo Abasolo and Doña Concepcion Mundo de Abasolo raised their two only daughters surrounded by warmth and respect.

Don Justo started a modest family business with a pigment factory.

In their childhood, the sisters enjoyed holidays at their maternal grandmother’s home, Doña Matilde Maravilla de Mundo, who spent her free time painting.

When grade school was over, both of them considered devoting themselves to the study of fine arts.

Concepcion was the first one to enter the Academy of Education and Fine Arts in Puebla.

Two years later, Ausencia was successfully admitted in the same institution after approving the entrance exam.

Professor Heladio Miron was in charge of guiding the artistic skills of the young ladies.

The practice of copying lithographs by the French painter and drawer Bernard-Romain Julien was an integral part of the essential academic training at that time.

It is known that the sisters eagerly engaged in the various activities organized by the Academy, such as Carnival parades.

The latest news about Ausencia is that she taught the course of Imitation Drawing at Motolinia School in Puebla.

Since Concepcion refused to get married, she traveled to New York for collaborating in the making of murals at a library. Nothing else is known after that.

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